Yes, you need to purchase transit insurance for every car separately at an additional cost. We’ve good relations with major insurance providers and can assure you the best rates.

We accept bank transfer, cash or cheque (if company is based in UAE). Payment has to secured within a week of raising the invoice or additional late payment charges may incur.

An export certificate from the state’s transport authority or title of the vehicle is
mandatory for shipping along with a valid government identification like passport copy of the owner will be required.

We would require the export certificate or title of the car and the owner’s valid
government document such as a passport copy. Whereas our team at the destination will get in touch for import clearance documents a week before it’s due to arrive.

A week prior to arrival you’d receive a notification from our channel partners at the destination informing that your vehicle is due for arrival. You’d be notified about the clearing costs and import taxes (if any) after which the car would be ready for pick-up or can be delivered to your door.

If you’re relocating for good, certain countries have a tax-free provision in place wherein if you comply to the requirements, you don’t have to pay any taxes in the destination country. For business transactions, each country has different laws, please get in touch with our specialist to understand how the process works.

Yes, if the car is being shipped in a container (shared or personal) provided that the items are not restricted in the destination country but incase if the car is being shipped on Ro-Ro then you might not be able to put anything inside the vehicle as per the Ro-Ro restrictions

Yes, non-running vehicles can be shipped with us. We’ve all the equipment’s and skilled manpower required to ship such specialized cargo.